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Bespoke design and build is what makes us different; it’s our way of hand crafting products and landscapes in partnership with our customers.

Over 13 years working on a huge variety of projects, we’ve learnt never to underestimate the value of putting our customers (not just who holds the purse strings, but people who the space is for) in the driving seat. Bespoke design means working together from the very start;developing the brief together, running interactive workshops to design your own space and, if you want, you can even get involved building some of your equipment yourselves. So whether you’re after a single piece of equipment or a whole playground,  find out more about this process that we call Designing for Real

Why not take a look at our case studies to give you an idea of what we can do.

Case Studies

Why Bespoke design?

“Why do I need help to design my play things and places?” you might ask. Of course you can buy play equipment off the shelf (and we have a rather lovely range right here) but sometimes you want more.

Maybe you want your playground to look like it’s part of the landscape or has grown out of the ground. Perhaps you want a ‘WOW’ feature to attract visitors; or  looking to bring families in your community together around a shared love of playing in a new space. You might be a school with an ambitious and creative curriculum looking for more ways children can learn and play outdoors. There are all sorts of reasons to invest in designing how you want to play and we’d love to help you.

If you’re not sure whether Bespoke design is for you, why not get in touch. We offer a free initial consultation and, if you decide you’d like to explore our service further, we’ll give you a fixed price quote for the bespoke design service. Whether you prefer meetings or workshops, you get access to our full range of experts. And by the end of the process you’ll have a fully costed, 3D master plan (that’s tailored to your budget) straight from our design studio.

Our Design Process

Designing for Real

Designing for real is all about joining in and playing together to design your new equipment or space; after all,  it makes sense to use playful techniques to design a play space!

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No other tenderers were able to offer this level of involvement or understanding

Alison Brown, South Gloucestershire Council