Designing for real


This is all about joining in and playing together to design your new equipment or space; after all,  it makes sense to use playful techniques to design a play space!


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So, after careful planning  to make sure the serious stuff like budgets and managing risk are taken care of; TouchWood, along with parents, children, teachers, etc, fire up their imagination and come out to play.

Imagine the excitement; in an inspirational landscape not too far away there’s a place where story-telling, music, bonfires and den-building come together. Come with us as we take you on an adventure to design the play-space of your (wildest) dreams. The best thing is – you’re not asleep… in front of your very eyes we start bringing your ideas to life and you begin to see dreams can come true.

We can’t do everything at once (of course) – some things take a bit more time – so the dream unfolds over the next few weeks as we keep coming back to show you the drawings and get your ideas and feedback.

There’s actually nothing we like more than sharing our Designing for Real process with people and there’s lots more to it that we can explain here; why not get in touch for a free, no obligation chat to see if Designing for Real is right for you.

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“Touchwood also ran parent, staff and children’s workshops where the whole school community could become involved in the build. We are continuing to work with Touchwood and we cannot recommend them highly enough.”


Speedwell Nursery School and Children Centre, Bristol

Lindsey Fuller, Headteacher

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