St Werburghs School

We designed the play area with the involvement of the children and staff following our designing for real process. It was this process that brought to light a desire from many of the children to have a beach, as some of the children had never had the opportunity to go to a beach and dig in the sand.

The playful landscape we have created delivers a high level of interaction and learning opportunities for the early years classes, with sand, pebbles, an interactive water feature, a performance area, a den building area, hobbit hole and climbing tree. Loose parts allow the children to manipulate, refresh and change their play environment on a daily basis. In addition to being provided with a series of well crafted structures, the school now has a playable landscape offering multiple heights, challenges, interest, adventure, opportunities to engage socially and opportunities to build together.

We delivered this project working alongside a SKANSKA new school development.

A project of this scale costs around £75,000

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Project details

St Werburgh’s Primary School
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