National Trust Tyntesfield Woodland Play Trail

Our design of the Tyntesfield play trail was fed by community involvement from the outset. We carried out two events and Tyntesfield to engage the staff and volunteers, and also involve the public.

The first event was a Designing For Real workshop with the staff and volunteers. It was at this workshop that we developed the themes for the story and play trail, with full engagement from the staff and volunteer team. The story developed around a few key characters, who were then immortalized in wood carvings along the play trail. As the foundation for the overall theme of TouchWood ’s design, the story-telling trail provides carved wood sculptures in surprising places along the play trail.

Keen eyes can spot characters peeping out amongst the trees. Further investigation will uncover a brass rubbing plaque that refers back to a character from the Tyntesfield story.

Visitors can then rub the characters into existence on their trail leaflets, creating a keepsake to take home, and perpetuating the character’s story.

Adventurous opportunities for play are provided along the trail, with a giant bird’s nest, protected by a steel sculpture of Tyntesfield’s Guano bird, a rope swing amongst the trees and a Victorian Gothic inspired treehouse.

A project of this scale costs around £50,000

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Project details

National Trust
September 2014
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