Culverhill School Yate

We’ve been busy in Yate this year 2 projects within a stones throw! First The Witches Hat then Culverhill School.  Culverhill is a SEN school who were looking for a diverse, challenging yet accessible play area for their mixed ability students.  We transformed an underused grass area and, to a landscaped, wheelchair accessible, all weather play area that the kids love. We left the school with a play area that blends in with its surroundings, looking like it’s a part of the landscape, not just plonked on the playground. carefully designed the space with movement in mind, going from one feature to the next, exploring, balancing, climbing and sliding.

Feedback from the kids is that their favorite parts are the wooden ‘miners tunnel’ that cuts underneath the main path; the large basket swing where you can lay back and gaze skywards as you swing; and the ‘Treehouse’ with high fireman’s pole and notched log steps. We’re really pleased with how the space has grown and seeing the kids interpret the space and get stuck in is great to see!

IMG_2154 IMG_2145IMG_2112IMG_2152 IMG_2143