Moors Valley Crocodile Crossing

Our first blog post! Here we’re going to showcase our favorite projects, sharing photos, videos and articles that interest us and giving you inside information on what’s going on.

To kick things off I want to introduce you to the croc.

Lurking in the woods on the Moors Valley Country Park Play Trail is the fabulous Croc Crossing. Using materials that blend in naturally with the local environment; the croc bursts out from the bark chip lake creating a rich imaginative play area. Cross the rickety bridge and hop your way around the lagoon.  We worked in partnership with Davies White Landscape Architects on this project, one of many successful collaborations between our two companies.  For more information about Davies White Ltd please go to their website

We’re really happy with this project, seeing it jump off the page and into reality and hope you enjoy it too!

IMG_4511 IMG_4507 IMG_4506 IMG_4503