Hexagonal Den Frame

Movable Structure,

Build it Yourself.

The  hex frame is designed in collaboration with Dr Martin Maudsley- co-Author of “Play Naturally” it offers a versatile space that can be turned into multiple worlds of play using loose parts and imagination and a few building skills!

The aim of the structure is to provide a robust frame  that is strong enough to rig a net or swing using scrap materials (Like those available through the “ScrapStore Play Pods”). The height of the horizontal beams allow the playing children and adults to build their own roofs without the worry that something could fall from height on to another player.
Holes drilled into the poles and wooden pegs in the frame offer simple fixing points for ropes, sheets and nets. Three adults can move the frame, around the playground.
The Hex Frame also offers opportunities for use as an outdoor teaching space for a number of children.
As with all our structures the timber is sourced locally and simply peeled and used as a building element with all its branches, bumps and hollows.

This product is designed to be self installed. Alternatively we can install it as part of a larger project. (photo 3 is our current model)

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