Moors Valley – Year on Year Expansion of Successful Country Park environmentally friendly playground

Client: Forestry Commission
Client Type: Destination play/ Trust
Location: Ringwood, Hampshire

Client brief:

The Forestry Commission contacted TouchWood with an initial request for one installation within the Moors Valley Country Park.  Following the success of this project and as budget became available, we have been asked to install a further three bespoke play installations into the Park with a view to attracting and encouraging large groups of families to “Enjoy, Experience, Explore”.

Design Response:

Each installation in the Park is unique and a bespoke design for the Forestry Commission. Our main aim was the features to blend seamlessly into the natural beauty of the Park’s landscape. So much so, that it is sometimes difficult to see where our installation stops and the natural woodland floor begins. Our installations are great examples of a nature-based playground equipment.

The four innovative features we created were:

Croc Crossing – designed by our team to offer an exciting new replacement for the old ‘crocodile themed’ installation. Our team of craftsmen created a huge crocodile head, holding a carved timber canoe between its jaws. Log hops, provide a suggestion of the croc’s spine winding off through the forest floor. A wobbly bridge and scramble net added to the play adventure.

Timber Nests – connected by timber lined tunnels to allow climbing to height, a low nest made from stacked logs at ground level, provides toddlers with safe but challenging, balancing and climbing opportunities and hand carved wooden eggs provide fun seating for parents and children.

Giant Hollow Tree – we wanted to create a magnificent statement using a locally fallen, majestic tree, which was sculpted by our expert chainsaw carvers, into a tunnel with climbing steps.

Funnel Trap and Woodland Adventure Trail – The final large-scale installation was designed to look as if it had grown up organically through the forest floor. The funnel trap is a unique TouchWood design that encourages adventurous climbing and clambering on a large scale. Coupled with monkey hoops, hanging between the trees and balance beams, this feature offers maximum energy burn.


How much does it cost..?
Whatever the budget, every job goes through the same meticulous process and we take equal care over the installation of a single swing as we do for an entire playground.

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