William’s Den indoor play area design

Client: William's Den
Client Type: Visitor Attraction - Destination Play
Location: Hull, Yorkshire

Client brief:

Touchwood help to create the UK’s largest-ever natural indoor/outdoor playground.

Tor & Christian Carver had big ambitions to create a brand new adventure play visitor attraction, ‘William's Den’, that would offer families a unique, natural play environment where children could play inside and out, whatever the weather. They engaged TouchWood Play to create their show-stopping indoor playground, ‘The Den’; a unique indoor play space for children of all ages, constructed from responsibly sourced wood, and housed inside a huge 475m barn.

Design Response:

The TouchWood play experts designed and built a bespoke indoor playground which includes a 25-metre granite installation, complete with cascading stream, pool and a rainmaker to simulate a rain shower. A unique six-metre high Ancient Oak links to a tree house, which incorporates swings, balancing pole branches, bridges and a three-metre slide off a deck down into a sandpit below.

As an indoor playground, some softer woods such as Hazel and Ash were integrated into the construction of the play equipment, providing a wide variety of interesting textures and colours in the timber.

From the Tree House to the Forest Glade and the Eagle’s Nest to the Rainmaker, this unique play area has proved to delight and inspire children and adults alike, attracting new and repeat visitors whilst perfectly reflecting the sustainable ethos of the William's Den brand.

Within a few months of opening, visitor numbers to this exciting play attraction had already exceeded 50,000.

Today, William’s Den has become one of Yorkshire’s most popular family attractions, winning several prestigious awards and regularly attracting highly positive reviews from its customers for the quality and uniqueness of its play equipment.


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