Bespoke Play Experiences at TouchWood

If you’re operating a commercial destination – whether it’s leisure, shopping, vacation, sports or any other kind – then you are always looking for ways to attract more people, enhance visitor experience and encourage people to stay longer and spend more. You want them to recommend your destination to their friends. To share it on social media. And you want them to come back, again and again.

Installing bespoke, original, handmade play experiences that provide rich, creative, engaging play for youngsters, is a prime way of achieving this.

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Creating bespoke playscapes for destination clients is a journey. It’s a journey we go on together. From ideas to reality, we create something truly special together.

This isn’t just any everyday play space. Bespoke. Unique. Beautiful. Memorable Instagram-worthy. Something to talk about.


Give them something to talk about...

High quality, experience-enhancing play equipment isn’t a “nice to have”; it’s a solid, commercial investment in your destination.

A legendary play space is like a magnet for parents with children, adding to your reputation as THE place to go with families. Before you know it, you’ll be the talking point at the school gate, the hashtag on social media, and the latest hot-topic for the family-oriented influencers on social media and YouTube.

With TouchWood, you also get to be a part of it. We design with you, not for you, creating a one-of-a-kind play area that is completely in tune with your destination and your clientele.

Nothing is off the shelf. We constantly innovate, coming up with new and special features that will make your play construct truly unique.

Our focus is on natural play. Contact with the wood, water, sand. Touch. Feel. Explore. Dare. Experiment. Create your own adventure. Kids of all ages come to life when they engage with a TouchWood playscape.

Working with us, you know you are also investing in a sustainable product and supporting creativity, craftsmanship, natural materials – mostly sourced in the UK.


If you’re considering creating a play space, then think about doing something special, with the potential to generate true commercial benefit, contact us today.

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