About TouchWood: Innovative And Imaginative Wooden Play Area Equipment

At TouchWood, we are passionate about play. Our mission is to create amazing, unique play experiences where kids can use their imagination to have their own adventures, in a safe, stimulating, natural setting.

TouchWood was founded in 2002 on the fundamental idea that play is an essential part of childhood. And when we say "play", we really mean it – not structured, supervised, managed play – we mean old-school outdoor imaginative play, with mud pies, battles, hiding, stick bashing, war cries, pretending, listening, touching, experimenting, building, feeling, smelling.

Everything we create is unique and crafted from locally-sourced durable woods like larch, chestnut and oak, so they look beautiful and blend seamlessly with their natural landscape or provide a hint of woodland magic to more urban locations.

TouchWood's Founder, Joe Cooper, says: "Each project is unique, that's what makes them such a joy to work on. Play is so important. I'm a firm believer in the importance of creating natural playgrounds where modern children can learn to understand what it means to take risks. But I'm also passionate about creating beautiful environments that complement their surroundings and that parents, grand-parents and carers want to spend time in too."

Each is unique, that’s what makes them such a joy to work on.


TouchWood is one of very few companies that source and process the raw materials; then design, manufacture, install and maintain our play equipment. Our difference is the care and value we give to each piece of timber that goes into your play feature. Selecting a specific branch that will create an archway over a slide or choosing a particular trunk that will be crafted into the perfect hollow log for your site.

We help you tailor the level of community engagement you want in the creation of your playground – so whether it’s a simple telephone conversation or right the way through to a 5-day design and build workshop with community groups, we’re there every step of the way. We’re experts in all things play and will support you with everything from inspiring ideas to installation and long-term care and maintenance.

Wild Wood

(the woodyard)

The heart of our business is at our woodyard on the outskirts of Bristol. Originally part of the Ashton Court Estate - our offices and workshops are in the barns that once serviced the 18th century mansion.