As one of the UK’s leading playground suppliers, we get asked many questions about what we do and how we do it. If you have a question about how TouchWood could help with your playground project, check below to see if we already have the answer. If you can’t find the answer to your question, get in touch with us – our team of play experts will be happy to help!

Whether you have a live project or the seed of an idea, give us a call to discuss how we can help you. We love to discuss your ideas and answer any questions about how we work. We also offer advice on how best to successfully deliver your project.

We have structured our business to be able to respond to a wide range of design styles. However we are best known for our natural playscapes that are inspired by the kinds of play invitations you would find in wild spaces, and the materials that you would find there.

Because we design, manufacture and install ourselves project times can vary due to the scale of a project, however it is worth leaving a minimum of 8 weeks between your commitment and when we arrive on site.

We will provide you with a clear set of maintenance instructions and we offer technical support to help your team. Most of the issues that can arise with wooden play areas are easy to resolve with basic carpentry skills.

Wood is a natural product and over time will deteriorate but we expect upwards of 10 years of life from our play areas. Our first one we built 20 years ago is still going!

Wood is a more forgiving material should you fall against it. All our play areas comply with standard safety guidance, and its good to remember that when it is hot or cold wooden play areas remain at an ambient temperature compared to metal playgrounds.

We will guide you through a well crafted process during which your input will be welcomed and incorporated into the bespoke designing of your unique play area.

All of our designs are accompanied by a clear schedule of costs that are broken down by feature. We are therefore able to both value engineer and increase the scope of a project to meet the budget constraints.

We regularly provide proposals and designs to support funding applications.
Every client, business and landscape is different and designing a new play area is often a once in a generation opportunity to inspire, engage and improve your community. A bespoke solution will deliver the best result on all levels.

Sparkling memories are often created when we engage playfully with the world around us and often the people that matter to us. Our adventure parks creatively engage people in play, offering meaningful opportunities to have experiences you will never forget.

create A playground that is uniquely yours

Our concept design team can quickly help you explore pricing, themes and play value on a call – submit your email address and our team will get in touch. Our designs are bespoke and no two are the same. Whether you’re a school or a world class leisure park, we can quickly come up with some ideas to support your project.