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As one of the UK’s leading playground suppliers, we get asked a lot of questions about what we do and how we do it. If you have a question about how TouchWood could help with your playground project, check below to see if we already have the answer for you. If you can’t find the answer to your question get in touch with us - our team of play experts will be happy to help!

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Specific types of wood, used as building materials, can be extremely durable. As well as its ability to withstand everyday damage such as dents and scrapes, wood is well suited to resist outdoor natural elements that could cause long term decay.

We use only the highest quality timbers like Robinia, Oak and Larch that have naturally durable qualities. We then couple this with specialist processes, techniques and maintenance care to create bespoke natural structures that are not only expertly crafted but durable and serviceable for years to come. 

As natural play specialists, we have nearly 20 years’ experience of working with timber and maintaining it. Our highly skilled team of craftspeople have in-depth knowledge and understanding of how best to process, create and main our bespoke play equipment to ensure that it is as durable and long-lasting as possible.

Do wooden playgrounds last? 

Wooden playgrounds that are well designed, skillfully constructed and maintained correctly can last for 15 years+. In fact, TouchWood’s first-ever project, installed in 2002 is still going strong today!

How long will a wooden playground last? 

Properly maintained, the lifespan of a wooden playground can be equal to or even longer than playgrounds made of plastic or metal.

All of TouchWood’s main structures are installed with metal feet, raising timber off the ground to avoid issues with rot that can occur when wood is in constant contact with wet earth. Where there are any poles that need to be inserted directly into the ground, we also use a tar-based protective layer to ensure the longevity of the timber.

For extra reassurance, we offer annual maintenance packages as part of our extended warranty to keep your equipment in peak condition.

By using a specialist wooden playground company like TouchWood Play, you can be confident that your playground will be safe as well as great fun.

All of our play equipment meets British and European play area inspections legal requirements in the form of the BS EN1177 [TP5] (The British and European Standard for playground equipment and surfacing). 

We can provide a full Play Safety Inspection (PSI) upon completion of your project. Our designers are specialists in play and have extensive experience of designing safe yet exciting play areas that meet all current safety guidelines.

We are ‘play specialists’ and creating and building natural playgrounds are where our expertise lies. Our highly skilled team are experts in their field and work to stringent quality and playground safety regulations.  

Wooden playgrounds are very easily maintained. In fact, wooden playgrounds are a lot easier to take care of when compared to playgrounds made of other materials. For example, unlike metal playgrounds that can rust and become dangerous with sharp edges, playgrounds made from wood can be easily sanded or reshaped using simple tools and techniques.

We provide full maintenance guidelines with every playground we complete to help you keep your new play area safe and in good condition. 

For added peace of mind, we also offer annual maintenance and extended warranty packages, giving you the reassurance that your equipment will be professionally maintained and cared for, to extend its lifespan.

How long it takes to design, build and install your new play area will depend on the size, location and scope of your project. However, on average, it takes approximately 2-3 months from initial design to completion for a small-medium size play area.

If you have a specific timeframe in mind for the installation of your project, for example, to fit in with school holidays or busy seasonal periods, we’re always happy to discuss and agree on a convenient schedule with you at the start of the project.

As we’re a bespoke design and build play company, our service, as well as our products can be tailored to your needs. So, if you’d like to have a more active input into the design of your playground, we can offer a collaborative, consultative service that keeps you involved at every stage. Or, if you’d simply like us to take the project off your hands completely, we can project manage every aspect; from design, build and installation. 

For those that want to be more involved in their project, we also offer hands-on workshops to help get your community involved and engaged in your project too. With our participative Designing for Real workshops, you and your community can get involved in the design of your new play area. You could even help to create part of your new play area yourself with our practical Building for Real workshops.

If you can imagine it, we can probably build it! From woodland play trails to outdoor learning areas, show-stopping adventure play areas to forest school shelters, den building frames to play towers and structures, we’ve probably done it before. 

Whilst we mainly work with wood, we can also use other elements like metal swings & slides, nets, zip wires, water and sand. We’ve created indoor as well as outdoor natural play experiences and know just what it takes to excite and engage children’s imagination.

Whatever your needs, we can design and build a natural play experience that will delight children and offer a beautiful environment for adults to spend time in too.

Yes, we offer an increasing range of finance options for projects. They will help you spread the cost and are especially useful for school budgets. Do call our Sales team on 0117 963 8222 to discuss how we can help.

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TouchWood Play design, build and install amazing natural play environments for children of all ages. We're experts in all things ‘play’. Throughout your playground project, we can support you every step of the way, with everything from inspiring ideas to installation and long-term care and maintenance. 

Whether you have a live project or the seed of an idea, please call us to discuss how we can help you. We love to talk about your ideas and answer any questions you have about how we work. We also offer advice on how best to successfully deliver your project.