Our process

Every project is unique, but in general we stick to our four step process when creating playgrounds. There are some additional stages if we support you through the funding process, but in general our design process is outlined below.

Step 1

Concept Design

Get in touch with our Concept Design team. Then, development, site survey, collaborative design, and pricing assurance.

Step 2

Technical Design

Technical design and pre-manufacture; we send technical drawings for you to sign off and we start pre-manufacturing at the wood yard.

Step 3

Manufacture & Install

Installation and sign-off -with as many pre-manufactured items as possible we install. Then our independent play safety inspector signs off the play area.

Step 4


After-sales and maintenance support -we will issue you with a detailed operation and maintenance manual, a technical handover, and the option of our maintenance service packages.

get in touch to learn more about our process

Our concept design team can quickly help you explore pricing, themes and play value on a call – submit your email address and our team will get in touch. Our designs are bespoke and no two are the same. Whether you’re a school or a world class leisure park, we can quickly come up with some ideas to support your project.