How we transformed a Farm Barn into a Jungle-themed Adventure Playground

A vibrant and creatively designed indoor jungle-themed playground with children in motion.

White Post Farm, located just outside Farnsfield, Nottingham, spreads across 25 acres of land. It’s home to over 3000 animals including cows, goats, and pigs, as well as more exotic species like llamas, wallabies, and reptiles. The team at White Post Farm wanted to transform a barn previously used for animal shows into an indoor jungle-themed playground for children aged 0-12 years.

Turning the barn into a jungle-themed playground

Our primary goal was to create an immersive indoor play experience that would be both fun and challenging for younger children, helping them build confidence. Additionally, we aimed to give the end of the play barn a ‘wow’ factor, using the visual impact of the new adventure play area to entice children to explore and create their own safari adventures.

The barn boasts several bespoke features, including:

  • An adventure treehouse protruding from the main structure, with net bridge access and sensory elements
  • A ‘Slideaway Hut’ with a double slide
  • A crate maze with a White Post Safari Land Rover
  • A 3.5m tube slide coming from a vine tower in the corner
  • Several intricate climbing and thoroughfare routes

The interior view of a rope bridge inside a jungle-themed playground, showcasing its intricate woven structure and a child walking on it.

An indoor jungle-themed playground with various elements like bespoke wooden towers and structures, green plants, and painted walls.

Giving New Life to Old Structures

Originally, the main structure was a venue for animal shows. Our team covered this up with decking and facade work of our own creation, fitting everything snugly up to the roof, all within the confined space of the barn.

To make the experience more inclusive, we incorporated sensory play equipment within the jungle treehouse, such as sensory moving circles, peeping holes for light to shine through, and coloured windows throughout the structure. We designed the crate maze to fit around the tower, providing an additional route for play. This feature is particularly beneficial for younger children who are not yet ready to climb, offering everyone a diverse play experience.

Our artist brought the jungle theme to life in just a week, so it was ready to open on time for visitors to enjoy.

A playful scene where a child climbing on a wooden enclosure that has ‘DO NOT FEED’ written on it, while another child peeks out from inside the enclosure.


Despite the intricate nature of the project, we successfully transformed the barn into an immersive jungle-themed indoor playground that reflects the spirit of White Post Farm. The playground not only provides a fun and safe play area but also contributes to the farm’s educational mission.

Morgan, a member of the Marketing team at White Post Farm, said:

“With the awesome build, amazing artwork and jungle soundtrack, our play barn has been completely transformed into an immersive, jungle experience that does not disappoint. We have had many visitors come, super excited to get stuck into play, and there really is something for everyone. The Jungle Barn gave us a reason to revamp our after-school offer, into a ‘Stay and Play’ offer, which has been very popular with our visitors who love those few hours of play after a hard working day!
“The Jungle Barn is definitely a staple of the farm, and it fits in brilliantly with our events. Thank you to TouchWood Play for the brilliant design and hard work!”

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