Bringing nature indoors with a library treehouse at Winford Primary School

Two children engaged in reading a book in a cosy, indoor setting. They are situated on wooden stairs that are part of a unique, treehouse-like structure. The structure, made of polished wood with branches intertwined around it, gives off an enchanted forest vibe

Remember when we were kids, how we all dreamed of hiding in a treehouse, lost in our own world of imagination? Winford Primary School wanted to bring that dream to life. They envisioned transforming their indoor library into a fairytale world. The goal was not just to create a play space, but an educational tool that would spark a sense of wonder and motivate children aged between 4 and 11 to learn.

Children engrossed in reading books in a vibrant library, seated on colourful bean bags with a whimsical wooden treehouse as the centrepiece. An indoor scene featuring a pyramid-shaped wooden structure built around a tree trunk, with children seated on red bean bags. The playful and vibrant atmosphere is enhanced by multicoloured triangular flags.

A magical space for learning and relaxation

The project was a unique challenge that required us to bring the outdoors inside. The main features included:

  • Indoor treehouse. The centrepiece of the project was the indoor treehouse. Elevated and enclosed, it provides a magical space for children to sit, read, learn, or simply relax.
  • Bespoke tree trunk bookshelf. Underneath the treehouse, we installed a bespoke tree trunk bookshelf. This created an open den area, providing a quiet spot for children to read and learn.
  • An immersive sensory environment. We created a sensory space complete with lighting and speaker systems. These systems were designed to amplify calming music or woodland sounds, adding to the playful experience and creating an immersive environment for the children.
  • Outdoor shelter (A natural classroom). In addition to the indoor features, we installed an octagonal canvas shelter with bench seating around its perimeter in a small wooded area at the rear of the playground. This outdoor space worked beautifully in conjunction with the indoor treehouse, providing children with an opportunity to get close to and learn in nature.

A whimsical wooden structure with three round windows, each with a person looking out. The structure is adorned with bare, leafless branches intertwined around it and fairy lights illuminating the scene.children are sitting in bean bags and reading books inside an indoor school library treehouse.


One of the main challenges we faced was the limited access to the indoor library. To overcome this, we adopted a modular construction method which enabled us to easily bring in components and efficiently construct on site with minimal disruption.

Outcome: A new dimension in children’s learning

The result is a new, exciting, and unconventional space for children to learn. The indoor treehouse has become a magical environment that could transport the students into a world of their own, right within the school premises. The sense of wonder it creates is a fantastic tool in encouraging children to learn, proving that with a bit of imagination, any space can be transformed into a magical learning environment.

Do you dream of creating a similar magical learning environment in your school? We’re here to help make that vision a reality. Contact us today to start planning a natural wooden indoor playground for your school that not only educates but also nurtures the well-being of your students.


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