Sladesbrook Play Area

Client brief:

Sladesbrook Park is a much-used public space in Bradford on Avon. Its play space had seen better days and TouchWood were commissioned to breathe new life into the play space by renovating some of the existing equipment and creating a bespoke public playscape.

Design Response:

Rather than just creating entirely new features, our team evaluated the old play equipment and disposed of any that was worn or rotting. Where we could, we tried to re-use and reinvent some of the elements, such as the steel slide and tunnel, to create a custom playground that was fun-filled and made best use of the play area’s layout and its natural features.

We designed a safe, low-level trail leading from the existing play equipment, through to our new features. Log stack balance beams, log hops and a wooden slatted wobbly bridge made from cleft chestnut, that takes the young explorers on a journey to a completely refurbished original metal climbing frame, which allows children to scramble on and up to, a wooden tower, where they can safely look out across the Park’s landscape.

Using the natural structure of a feature tree in the play area, we designed a raised platform and two giant bird nests, creating a hidden den beneath. A wooden V-bridge leads on to a high hexagonal tower with lookout points and a slide, which was recycled from the existing play space.

Our team produced giant carved wooden eggs, which provide additional seating and play opportunities.

Using locally sourced timber and innovative natural design, we produced a series of 12 benches which weave through and around the woodland trees, to not only create seating but also crawling, clambering and lounging opportunities.

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