Walk on the wild side at Parc de La Coccinelle’s new playground

A large, intricate wooden playground set on bright green artificial turf, consisting of structures with pointed red roofs, a metal slide, and wooden logs and planks forming bridges and ladders. The playground is surrounded by trees and partially covered by a red shade canopy.

Situated between the cities of Bordeaux and Arcachon, Parc de La Coccinelle is an amusement park with farm animals that offers a variety of attractions for all ages.

The dream of a unique leisure park play space

The family-run Parc de La Coccinelle wanted to add a new dimension to their offerings with a playground that would spark children‘s imaginations and blend seamlessly with the park’s natural atmosphere. The playground design was guided by a clear vision: a fantastical village theme featuring the farm animals found within the park, including chickens, ducks, cows, and the park’s namesake, the “coccinelle” (Ladybird). It was also essential that the design of the toddler’s play experience was just as engaging as the older children’s experience.

The main features of the playground are:

  • A trio of towers connected by bridges, crowned with a vertical maze and a steel slide.
  • A dedicated toddler area featuring a large pea gravel play pit, with a central play hut and tree crown, inviting the little ones to explore.

The playground offers a mix of imaginative, social, energetic, and adventurous activities for both older children and toddlers. It ensures every child finds joy and excitement.

A 3D rendering of an outdoor playground surrounded by a wooden fence, featuring various play structures, climbing frames, slides, and a red shade sail. The playground is bustling with children and adults, and is covered with a material that appears to be sand or small pebbles for safety. Trees and greenery surround the playground, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

The playground transformation

The playground captures the essence of the La Coccinelle Park through:

  • Lifelike carved farm animal figures dotted around the play area.
  • The use of natural wood materials to evoke a rustic, farm-like feel.
  • Distinctive red roofs reflecting the quirky village theme.
  • A standout “coccinelle” ladybird sculpture that serves as a playful nod to the park’s theme.

An outdoor playground with a natural theme, featuring a large, red climbing tractor, a life-sized statue of a cow, and various other play structures. The playground is bustling with children and adults, and the ground is covered with wood chips for safety and aesthetics. The playground is surrounded by a wooden fence and set against a backdrop of trees, enhancing the natural theme.

The project was a real team effort, with numerous detailed discussions to ensure every detail was perfect. The first visitors really enjoyed the play space.

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