Yate Town Council Witches Hat Play Area

Client brief:

The client requested that improvements were made to the existing Witches Hat Play Area including the design and installation of new natural playground equipment, adaptation and refurbishment of existing equipment and new hard and soft landscaping.  In addition, TouchWood were asked to design and build a skate park area.

Design Response:

To ensure engagement with the local community and to harness their aspirations for the play park, we held a TouchWood Designing for Real Day.

We re-used elements of an existing steel play structure and transformed it into an Iron Age Play Fort, complete with slide and interactive sand chute and bucket.

Leading from the Fort, which was designed primarily for younger children, we created a more adventurous area for older children to clamber up and over, including large carved logs which led onto the six-metre recycled Bridge.

At the far end of the site our team created the skate park, with a graffiti wall shelter for older children to hang out with their friends and watch the action on the skate park. Nestled in the trees behind the shelter, we created a ‘jungle maze’ using a series of parallel ropeways and a giant net attached to the trees.

Each play area has been designed by our team to challenge in different ways, so that all ages can find the level of risk and excitement they are comfortable with.

The Council’s Maintenance Team have commented on the high quality of the natural playground equipment and its ease of maintenance.

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