The brief:

Gosford Forest Park is located outside Market hill in County Armagh. The 240-hectare estate features miles of paths and trails around the beautiful woodland and open park spaces.

The brief was to design & build five unique bespoke play structures to enhance the user experience of the forest park. We were tasked to consider place making, curating visitors’ connections to the history and spirit of this wonderful place Gosford Forest Park.

The design:

These five iconic play structures linked by a 2km woodland play trail constitute the longest play trail in Ireland. The design intention was to make a beautifully and sensitively landscaped naturalised outdoor multisensory play environment. This new outdoor adventure play experience offers maximum play value, inclusivity, and challenge for children of multiple age range.

Points to highlight:

In one of the five play areas we crafted an iconic play Giant surrounded by giant climbing tree trunks and a giant chair- a reference to Gulliver’s travels and the giant scale experienced by the Lilliputians. This is an example of how we curate place making, as Gosford Forest Park was an inspiration for Gulliver’s travels. Alongside this play area you will find a space inspired by the natural world with giant nests and eggs, and a space dedicated to play for the youngest age group.

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