One of the things that gets everyone out of bed and into work at TouchWood Play is that we spend every day creating hidey-holes, climbing structures, tunnels, mazes and so many other things to inspire and amaze children. 

We get to feel like big kids every day and push ourselves to re-discover the sense of wonderment children have for everything. There is loads of information on our website about what we do and how we do it (with links at the bottom of this blog), but this blog is unashamedly a pat on the back for our team as we’re so proud of what they created for Hobbledown Heath

Inspiring children with play spaces

See our creation for Hobbledown Heath

When our marketing team went to Hobbledown Heath to see it complete Joe, our founder, brought a gaggle of children aged 6-15 so we could have a fun day to capture the magic.

Together we played for a day in the adventure park before it opened to the public and it was a truly magical day! Our aim was to capture the fun as we went for social media, the actual result was an amazing day out getting photos and scurrying around the playground ourselves.

There is something truly inspiring about creating incredibly stimulating spaces that means even the adults are climbing up 13m maze towers, jumping down fireman’s poles, running up wooden bridges, and zooming down slides. 

The crazy thing is it highlighted the reason we all come to work – creating incredible play spaces that visually and mentally stimulate anyone amongst them. 

Whether we are creating a world-class playground for leisure or tourism business spanning several acres or creating a primary school playground we truly care about curating engaging and inspiring play spaces that enrich children and aid their development. By doing so our playgrounds inherently keep children engaged for longer and drive repeat visits.

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