Because the right playground in the right place is the best recipe…

This blog provides information and advice on types of Playground Equipment Suppliers and the unique way that TouchWood creates bespoke, custom-built playgrounds.

The TouchWood approach to design and build is to create one-off, customised playgrounds, rather than offer a limited choice from catalogue of standard ready-made equipment. Our aim is to provide the best possible play value for children within the brief/budget, that directly addresses the needs and ambitions of your community as well as fitting sympathetically and sensitively within your local area. We are always looking to add value for children’s play rather than replicating what already exists on site or nearby. As a design company we are not contained or constrained by what has been done before, or elsewhere, but constantly strive to create something exciting, innovative and supremely fit-for-purpose. We literally want your playground to be a dream come true! 

TouchWood designs aim to capture the spirit of the place, with playgrounds that look and feel like they belong and fit in with the local area, rather than being imposed on the location. Through detailed site assessments and careful planning – plus creative community engagement whenever possible – we design play features that complement and enhance the rest of the site, providing something extra. We are always looking to add value to children’s outdoor play rather than replicating what already exists on site or in the area. With our specialist knowledge and extensive experience of custom-built playgrounds we are able to offer ongoing guidance and hands-on advice in deciding and determining what will work best for you in creating the perfect playground for your space.

We believe that children are the experts in their own play. Their natural desire and drive to play outdoors, and their ever-changing inventiveness in how that’s played out, requires a diverse set of opportunities and experiences that can be discovered by themselves, following their own interests and instincts. TouchWood design custom-built playgrounds that can be played with in different ways, at different times, by children of different ages and abilities. The play features we incorporate are flexible and open-ended, as well as capable of being linked together in a multitude of ways, creating playful landscapes rather than a set of unconnected one-dimensional play equipment.

An adventure is where you know where you’re starting from, but don’t know where you’ll end up! TouchWood believes adventure playgrounds should live up to their name, with the possibility of children taking risks for themselves, feeling in control of their own actions and creating their own personal mini-adventures through the magic of the moment. Such playgrounds offer destinations that children will intentionally seek out for themselves, as well as with friends and family, and that provide ongoing playful adventures time and time again, around the year through the changing seasons.

Because TouchWood playgrounds are custom-built and made-to-order, the individual features and design elements are largely handcrafted from sustainable materials by our own team; either in our specialist workshops or, where possible, on site. This ensures that the final playground features fit together seamlessly and are as precise and made-to-measure as the designs themselves. We often use natural materials, such as wood, stone, sand, water etc, and as a company we are constantly excited and inspired by the playful possibilities of natural habitats such as woodlands. 

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