TouchWood Play are currently transforming the imaginative ideas of local children into designs for an ambitious new play area at Beesmoor Road Playing Field in Frampton Cotterell.

Beesmoor Road Playing Field is managed by a volunteer Management Committee, a registered charity. The desire to modernise the playground in the heart of the village has been under discussion by residents for several years.

To ensure the new play area will meet everyone’s expectations, local residents and their children were invited to take part in one of TouchWood’s signature ‘Designing for Real’ workshops, where they were able to have fun and explore ideas for the type of play features they would like to see in the new scheme.  The workshop resulted in the production of an ambitious masterplan for the play area, which will be introduced in four phases, to allow for further fundraising. 

TouchWood Play is renowned for its craftsman-built natural play features which blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Our skilled team have taken the many ideas raised at the ‘Designing for Real‘ workshop and are now building a series of bespoke play features. These include two wooden watch towers linked via a bridge, scramble nets, slides, swings and a fireman’s pole. Children will also be able to enjoy scrambling up a large boulder mound or through a wooden tunnel or whizzing down a slide. Plus, there’s also a large wooden log nest to play in, monkey bars to hang from and a series of wooden balancing beams to negotiate.

Some of the funding for the project is already in place, following a generous donation of £42K from Frampton Cotterell Parish Council. TouchWood Play’s experienced team were also able to identify further funding opportunities and were able to guide the Management Committee through the successful application for two additional community grants from the Ibstock Enovert Trust (£10K) and the Enovert Community Trust (£50K).  This funding will enable the first three phases of the exciting project to be carried out during Spring 2019.

Speaking about the project, Kate Colechin, Member of the Beesmoor Road Playing Field Management Committee said, “The community is extremely excited about the plans for the new play area. TouchWood’s fabulous design really reflects the views of local people and is in line with our original Play Strategy of 2014. The team at TouchWood have been incredibly supportive throughout the process, in particular with providing help with gaining additional grants for the project.”

She continued, “The Management Committee has organised a number of community events to help raise funds and these events have been a great opportunity to showcase the designs and keep the community up to date with progress.  We are very excited that all these ideas will now become a reality in the New Year! We will continue to work hard to seek further funding for the final phase of the redevelopment in the future.”

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